Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby: Today You Are 5 Months Old

Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and sometimes it feels like he's been here forever. It's a weird feelings to feel both ways at once. But the fact is that 5 months ago today, Spencer Lee was born. I was looking back at his past monthly birthday pictures and if you look month by month, it's hard to see. But if you compare when he was 3 months old to today...he's not such a baby anymore. I kept telling him that today, he looked like a man. Like he should have a pack of Camels in his pocket and be heading to the local townie bar after his shift at the mine. Someone else thought he looked like a truck driver.

When people say "time flies"...that's an understatement.

So What are some little tid-bits about Spencer Lee at 5 months?

-Reaching and grabbing and knocking stuff around is his new thing. His rad activity gym was worth every penny. He's also super into his hands and sometimes just holds his arms in the air and stares at his paws.

-He likes to reach up and touch your face when you're feeing him. He also really tries to hold his bottle and even his spoon when he's getting cereal...which is always a mess.

-If you walk out of the room, he follows you with his eyes. He is very focused and makes fantastic eye-contact, always has.

-"Twinkle, Twinkle" and "Dr. Worm" are his go-to lullabys. They work every time and I usually sing them once a day. They're the only songs I can remember all the words to on the spot.

-He loves his have his neck nuzzled. He laughs and laughs.

-He's recently learned to purposefully stick his tongue out. Todd didn't want him to learn that but it's so cute. He looks so much like I did when I was a baby that even his tongue looks like mine.

-We have a night time ritual: I take him upstairs in to the big bed and read  "The Going To Bed Book". Then I list off all the things he can dream about that night to ensure a peaceful sleep. Usually it's things like tasty milk, warm jammies, hanging with mommy and daddy, playing in his gym, nice naps, fun time with his BFF Owen (from the babysitter's), etc. Then Todd comes and puts him in his bed once he's fallen asleep. It's my favorite part of the day.

-He snores, always falls asleep in the car, and takes longer naps when held.

-Still loves books, music, his swing, having people around to play with...and of course, he's still mommy's man. Trying SO HARD to hold his head up for longer periods of time but more recently has become concerned with trying to sit up on his own. He's dying to do it! He has a world to see! At 5 months old, he's a curious little monster. He's also silly, funny, sweet, and overall, perfect.

Happy 5 months, Spencer Lee. I love you!


  1. i know you are enjoying every minute! words cannot even come close to stating just how much we love our baby boys.