Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meeting Milestones: Kicking Ass and Taking Names

I just wanted to share that yesterday at Spencer's Physical Therapy, I was told that he has met all his developmental milestones on time up to this point. There really are no set in stone ages for when babies should be doing things as some kids talk early but walk late or skip crawling altogether, etc. They're just basic guidelines and Spencer is right on track!

And he's strong! I already knew this but it's nice to have his Physical Therapist confirm. Because OF COURSE I'm going to think the best about my child because, let's face it, he's awesome. It's good to have a professional confirm that I'm right in my thinking. He's right on track, strong, and kicking ass left and right. We're sticking to a once a month schedule and THAT is super comforting because a lot of kids that need physical therapy go several times a WEEK. I believe all of this is just preventative in Spencer's case. He had weak muscle tone at birth so we're helping him build it and therapy is in place IN CASE he struggles.

But so far...kicking ass.

On Sunday, he officially rolled over from his back to his belly. It's supposed to happen about now and I was worried that he was going to have a rough time. He had been trying and trying...but in the wrong way. He was trying to extend his neck back so the weight of his noggin would pull him over. That's a no-no and eventually, he gave up, it seemed. But in time, he figured it all out. And once he rock-n-rolled, he rested on his forearms with his head at 90 degrees. He looks like a proud lion. And mama was gusssssshing with pride.

That may have been boring. A lot of these little "Spencer did THIS" stories might be boring. But I know he's really going to show people what he's made of. He's been showing me how awesome he is since birth. So I need to document his awesomeness and accomplishments for posterity. He works SO HARD so it tugs at my heart strings. I'm not sure I've ever worked that hard at anything in my life.

He's doing GREAT.

We're ALL doing GREAT.

Next week we go back to the dreaded Hematology/Oncology Clinic. Don't get me wrong. I love his nurses and doctors. They treat him like he's a king without a crown. And there have been no abnormal cells for going on 2 months now (his transitional type of Leukemia can not come back) but there will always be a cloud of worry over my head. He's at risk to develop full-blown Leukemia. I know his Aunt Bizzle, dealing with her own post-cancer garbage, worries about the same thing...that one day it may come back. Will we both feel like this forever? Always worrying about something that may never happen? Probably. But I think we all went through enough in 2011 that we're owed a Cancer-Free remainder of not just THE YEAR, but our lives.

2012 is off to an awesome start.

Next up: sitting up with less assistance and hand-to-foot contact.

"It's when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached" - Mike Huckabee

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  1. it is definitely scary to have to look "the rest of your life" in the face and realize that at any moment, it could punch you in the throat. or, well, in the junk, in my case. ;)
    but as i wrote today in my own blog... positivity is the key. and i plan on positively being cancer-free! this year! this life! absolutely! and spencer is so on my team and i am so on his. in fact, i think we may been matching satin jackets or something...
    anyhow - i am really impressed with how YOU are doing. you sound great. and i know there is struggle there, too. believe me, i know. but your attitude is fantastic. and that is such a big part of it.
    aunt bizzle loves you all. xxo.