Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Walking Dead: Post Script

I made it through 6 hours of the work day before I had to throw in the towel. I picked up my little man who I missed TERRIBLY and barely made it in the door before I had my head in the toilet. I was only dry-heaving but I felt it from head-to-toe. In every blown vein, at every injection site.

I fed Spencer and we crawled into my bed. He was due for a nap but of course when I'm feeling especially rotten, he has no intention of sleeping. So instead we listened to music, which he loves and was relaxing for me. Violent Femmes, Morrissey, The Cure...lots of "college rock", if you will. He smiled away and we had a nice time until he dozed off.

It's already been decided that I'll be on a short schedule for the rest of the week to ease me back into things. At first I felt silly about getting this special treatment...until I EXPLODED last night. Cherry Coke was the first thing that tasted REALLY good to me (per the docs, I'm allowed to have caffeine right now...what's most important are CALORIES), but I should've known better. The sugary stuff is killing me. And it KILLED me last night.

I really didn't miss throwing up.

But aside from my misery, I want to say HAPPY LEAP DAY to everyone, especially my favorite froggie! I saw pajamas that said "One More Leap Before Sleep" but they were for girls. Drat! Tonight we have a date to read some new Dr. Seuss books and I can't wait. So enjoy your Leap Day doing whatever it is you do since nothing counts on Leap Day...but tomorrow it's back to real life, according to 30 Rock!


  1. Six hours, when you're feeling bunk, is pretty darn impressive, lady! Don't get down on yourself at ALL about this. You are a badass and an awesome mom no matter how you're feeling - don't forget it!!
    When I was having trouble eating and was getting the whole "calories and nutrients" lecture from my docs, they suggested stuff like pedialyte (which I have a couple bottles of, still, if you want them) and also adding whey protein powder to things I could stomach. Ryan got the vanilla flavor and one little scoop in my cereal milk is as nutrient-filled as two eggs!! (It comes in chocolate, too!)
    Also, supposedly if you stir the fizz out of soda it will make it less nauseating. And going for REAL sugar sodas (those throwback things, mexican coke, hansen's, orangina) instead of the corn syrup stuff is more digestible, too.
    I wish I knew more things to help you. I hate that you are feeling so yuckertown.
    Hugs hugs hugs.

  2. That was all very helpful. I'll take whatever I can get! The thing that is frustrating is that I felt on the mend. At least where solid foods were concerned. I even ate a cheesesteak!! But now I'm back at square one where even the thought of solid food scares me. And I'm SO THIRSTY but liquids and I don't mix. I'll try to get some of those real sugar sodas. Thank you for all your tips...and cyber hugs.