Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chaos At 10 Weeks: Cramping, Spotting, and Seeing Your Face

Yesterday was...interesting.

I hit the 10 week mark with a major bang. I had been cramping all night but I ignored it. With pain from my puncture sites and a general weirdness about my body from the Hyperemesis, I just figured it was part of all the nonsense. But in the morning, I was spotting a little. I've never spotted so I went into freak out mode. I had already called off work because I was so sea-sick so I called my doctor who ordered an ultrasound.

Todd, Spencer and I headed to the hospital as I chugged my water (if you don't know, you need a full bladder for an ultrasound). I hate water. And Todd decided to take some curvy-swervy scenic way to the hospital...I'm sure he thinks it's faster and I'm also sure he's wrong. By the time we walked into the office, I had to make a mad dash to the bathroom and made it mere milliseconds before I errupted water like a volcano. Miserable.

After that, we got our ultrasound. With Spencer, we only had an anatomy ultrasound and it was at 18 weeks. Even cooler was that our new docs also do 3D ultrasounds at their appointments! We will effectively know what Sam I Am looks like before he/she is here! It was exciting, even if he/she pretty much looks like a Gummi Bear right now. Also exciting was the fact that the baby is doing GREAT despite all the havoc it's been exposed to. It measured 10 weeks on the DOT! And there is absolutely nothing funky going in my downstairs business.

There is also only 1 baby in my downstairs business. WHEW!

So the doctor said everything looks great. He thinks the spotting is just a normal symptom and that it won't amount to anything. SWEET RELIEF! We'll also we getting another ultrasound during out genetic testing in 2 weeks so we'll be reassured that everything is A-OK. It just feels so good to know that Sam I Am is the perfect size and comfortable hanging out in his/her squishy waterbed, looking all cozy. It was great to see him/her. I had a smile ear-to-ear.

And we got to hear a nice, strong heartbeat for the 1st time. 170 awesome beats.

The awesomeness ended once we got back in the car. It was another one of those moments where I wished I could teleport. As we pulled into our driveway, I wondered if I would actually be able to make it to the bathroom before chaos ensued. I didn't even bother to shut the door. I just tossed my cookies and cried. Non-awesome. I burrowed under my blankets and Todd took Spencer with him on a little car ride so I could rest.

I managed to get in about an hour of iPod time with Spencer last night though. That's our new thing. A 25 song playlist every night of different kinds of music. He LOVES IT. And I love it. So every though I was feeling very zombie-like, I was happy as well. But I need a break. Not from Spencer at ALL, but from feeling so rotten 24 hours a day. But I am well-aware that the most important thing is that Sam I Am is doing great so far.

It was so very nice to meet you : )

"A grand adventure is about to begin" - Winnie the Pooh

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