Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby: Today You Are 7 Months Old

I can't believe it. In fact, I flat-out choose not to believe it. Call me stubborn. You were JUST BORN. Do I say the same things every month on the 8th? Well GOOD because that's how I feel every month on the 8th! You can't POSSIBLY be a month older because we were JUST at the hospital awaiting your arrival! But then again, it feels like you've always been around. Like you've always been a part of my life because I just can't imagine it without you. Impossible. You've always been around (but there's no WAY you're 7 months OLD).

Here are some facts about 7 month old Spencer:

-He is a music-loving fool, just like his mom. We spend about an hour every day (not to mention our time in the car) listening to different types of music. He let's me know when he's not real jazzed about a song (like Wanda Jackson, thank GOD). And he really likes songs with interesting instruments like horns, keyboards, accordions, what have you.

-Problem solved: Todd started putting him on his tummy in the crib (which was OK'd by his doctor because he can roll there himself anyway) and he's back to snoozing through the night. He have zero interest in being on his back anymore during sleep or play.

-There have been a few nice days and it seems that he really like to be outside. I think it's the breeze that interests him. Dr. Nightmare really interests him, too! He follows her around and once or twice has tried to reach out for her. For being such an anti-social cat, she seems protective of him.

-He's still all about looking at things upside down. He even got his head stuck looking at his mobile upside down. Goofball. And he is still NOT about his bath. Screams his head off every time. But his Craddle Cap is almost gone! So glad because it was pretty bad looking.

-He will go to Speech Therapy on Monday for a check-up. You would think a baby this small wouldn't need speech therapy but there are pre-cursors to speech that can clue any delays (eye contact, following a person, mimicing facial expressions, etc). Luckily, at his November appt, he was way ahead in that area (and he was only 3 months)! And I've been told by MANY people that he babbles more than any baby they know so I have no doubt he'll get a gold star and be sent on his way! He also has Physical Therapy on Monday to help us strengthen his core so he can sit up on his own. He wants I know he will in no time!

-He MAY or may NOT have tried the tiniest bit of frosting and I'm pretty sure it blew his mind. He's very interested in what I'm eating, especially if I'm using a fork or spoon. Today we'll be moving up to the Stage 2 fruits and veggies and giving the hand-held cookies a shot, per his Pediatrician. Still a little wobbly as far as the high chair goes but we'll get there.

Happy 7 months, buddy boy. Can't wait to see what the next month has in store!

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