Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Cheers: A Day Full of Good News and Optimism For All

Let me kick off this post by saying a big, CONGRATULATIONS to Phoebe who got her MRI results a day early and they were GREAT! No progression of the stupid Cancer, and no residual nastiness left behind. She is officially Cancer Free, which is the way to be! Cancer will always be a part of her life but I truly believe that this is the last she'll see of those pesky cells. Now she can move forward with a bit of the weight lifted from her shoulders. I couldn't have asked for a better gift in my (metaphorical) Easter basket.

And high hopes for Little Jen and her family who have their own junk going on due to that nasty bastard, Cancer. It seems like the Cancer Center of America (I think that was it) has a better plan than the current doctor. I will keep everything I can cross crossed until you get good news of your own!

Moving on to Spencer's Oncology clinic appointment.

My boy was a waving fool at his appointment yesterday. While his vitals were taken, while he was examined, while he gave blood...he waved at all the ladies. And sometimes at no one. Adorable. He is up a pound and an inch from his last appointment, his blood pressure was good, and he had a normal temp.

He was examined by a Fellow and an Attending (his usual docs were on service in the hospital and giving a lecture, respectively) and they both said he looked great. His liver and spleen are the right size, no rashes or bruising, getting nice and strong. His usual Fellow peeked her head in before the lecture to say that if his blood work came back good, we could stretch out the visits. That is the goal. The less I have to see my baby give blood, the better. I don't care how quickly he bounces back.

They were able to get his blood on the second try from one of his feet. The good arm was a lost cause this time. And even though it was fairly easy breezy, Spencer was "traumatized", according to the nurse. He couldn't quite catch his breath and he was just so upset. It killed me. And it REALLY killed me that he waved at me the whole time he was crying. *insert heart shattering noise here*

But once we left the hospital, he was smiling and giggling and his old, super self.

The Fellow called later in the day to tell me that everything looked good. His hemoglobin, infection fighting WBC, and platelets were all up. One of his numbers was at the low end of normal but it's always sort of hungout there. We won't get the "smear" results (which would show any abnormal cells) until today I don't suspect anything fishy.

The doc must not either because she stretched our visits to every 2 months!!!!!

This was such great news. She also said she's going to call Spencer's Pediatrician, update her on the progress, and let her know that there really isn't much left to look at/be worried about. It's all just check-ups from now on! Awesome! Like Phoebe, Spencer will always be at risk for Cancer to come back (in his case, Acute Leukemia), but I'm not going to worry about it. That's out of my hands. And I have to believe that he's due for a break after all he's been through in 8 months.

Yeah, 8 months on Easter. Sigh...

And on the Sam-I-Am front, I'm still spotting from the CVS. It's been 2 weeks as of today. I'm not really worried about it since I saw my OB last week and the baby's heartbeat was super strong and my urine sample was A-OK. I just wish it would stop. It's scary to see when you're not supposed to be seeing it. Can't anything I do just be nice and boring???

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  1. WOOHOO! Definitely good news all around.

    And I'm just going to say that I prefer to think of Spencer as being 2/3 rather than 8 months. It sounds like less. So I will be wishing him a happy 2/3's birthday when I see him on Saturday.