Monday, April 23, 2012

Just The Facts: A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That

And now, this blog presents A CURRENT LIST OF FACTS:

-My pregnancy boobs have arrived. Welcome back, old pals. You rule.

-My pregnancy hair seems to be semi-"back". It's shiny and bouncy, just not as thick as it was. I lost a LOT of hair after Spencer (which I didn't know actually goes hand-in-hand with pregnancy and was NOT prepared for). And while I don't typically pimp products, may I suggest Pantene Aqua Light shampoo and conditioner? Heaven.

-I am addicted to Solitaire again, just like I was when I was preggo with Spencer.

-Also like when I was preggo with Spencer, Dr. Nightmare cozies up to the bump (if you can call it that) every night. She is once again the Protector Of The Bump. I thought she would despise Spencer when he arrived because she's so skittish, but she's very sweet with him. Maybe she's getting soft in her old age.

-I know I said I didn't pimp products, but Baby Lips lip balm by Maybelline is my new favorite thing. My lips are plump and can get dry. This stuff said it would give me a healthier pout in 4 weeks and it didn't lie. It's a product I can no longer live without.

-My sister offered to go with me to Spencer's circumcision on Friday and I'm taking her up on it. No matter how routine they say it is, I'm still going to be a wreck knowing my best pal is under anesthesia.

-Speaking of my best pal, I'm not sure why but from Thursday onward he started doing BOATLOADS of new things: babbling new sounds (mama and baba!!), leaving his chest on the floor but standing up on his legs, using his legs to propel himself forward, inching himself in complete circles on the floor, looking to where mommy and daddy are when asked, rolling several times in a row, rolling to chest, then back to belly, then back to chest, spending more time independently entertaining himself...just so many new things. It was really incredible and made me a proud mama, indeed.

-At his monthly visit from his nurse, she said she would like to clone me due to all the effort I put in (awwww shucks) and that the effort is truly paying off. Any time they said that we MIGHT start seeing some delays, Spencer blew right through them. She assured me that he is not behind in any area and said he has made consistent progress since birth. She also noted that he is REALLY motivated both to communicate and get on the move. I love that kid. He's amazing.

-Speaking of being on the move, I can officially feel Sullivan. This boy is a night owl for sure. Every time I wake up during the night, my little maniac is doing his gymnastics!

-I wish my pregnancy dreams would stop. Not because of content. I just want unbroken sleep.

-I can't stop watching the show "I'm Pregnant and...". So far, I've watched I'm Pregnant and...a little person, a stripper, have OCD, have an eating disorder, might be having a dwarf, am 55 years old, am homeless, a truck driver. It's a fascinating show.

-Our anatomy scan is next week. We already know it's a boy but it'll be great to see him again on the big screen. Our office offers the 3D ultrasounds so that's totally exciting. At his last 3D scan, he looked like a Gummi Bear.

-"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" was a combination of a waaaaaaaay too drawn out movie and a porno. I need to stick a brush in my ear and clean my brain. "We Bought a Zoo" was far more acceptable.

-The basement remodel is ALLLLLMOST done (and it's really going to be RAD) and will be followed by the half bath and then Aiden's room. I've decided to get rid of my art desk. It was a tough decision but I can make art anywhere. Todd wishes I was doing more projects and I'll eventually get a smaller desk that makes more sense. Point is, we're moving along. I'm 17 weeks now and since I'm not going the full distance, I'll be half way next week. Lots to do...little time.

-At 17 weeks, Sullivan is about the size of an apple, is beginning to hear sounds, and his organs are now well-developed. His kidneys are creating urine. Hooray for urine!

-I officially have Pregnancy Brain. I keep putting non-food items in the fridge.

AND...that's all for now, folks.

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