Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blood Clots: The Fun Never Stops Over Here

If you're a regular reader, you know that I've been spotting ever since out CVS produre on March 22nd. That's a lot of days to be bleeding when you shouldn't be (though Phoebe holds the record on that one). Spencer has his 1st official cold, poor guy, so I ducked out of work early to scoop him up. I figured since I was leaving early, I'd give my OB/GYN a call and see if I should be concerned about how long I've been spotting.

I figured she'd say it's really nothing but as it turns out, she was a little uncomfortable with how long the bleeding had been going on (let me stress that the spotting is VERY light but it is happening daily). She wrote an order for an ultrasound and I was off to the hospital immediately. Todd left work and met Spencer and I there.

Seeing and hearing the baby's heartbeat was a welcome start to the appointment. The heart rate was slower than last time (from 163 beats to 148) but the nurse said that was still perfectly normal, and Todd said he could've been snoozing. They did both an external and internal first go with one of those, so fun...and I got to see my little man, who is about 4.1 inches now, swimming about. He turned toward us so we got some new pics of his face. His currently creepy-cute monster face.

Overall, everything is good with Sullivan. He's away from the cervix which I guess is what they want. However, it seems that I have a blood clot right above said cervix. I had one when they did the CVS but I'm guessing this is a new one. He said he wouldn't be too worried about it as it will probably pass or absorb in a few weeks (the same thing I was told about the 1st blood clot which is why I think this is a new's in a new location and the old one should be long gone). I have an anatomy scan scheduled for Sullivan in 2 weeks so they'll check it out again them to make sure everything is A-OK.

PRESCRIPTION: Rest and no heavy lifting, per usual.

So hopefully that pesky sucker will be gone by the next scan. As long as my baby boy, who I think I've felt move 2 more times, is doing alright in there, then everything is gravy. And hopefully my Spence Baby will shake this cold thing. He's been sweet as pie but just hasn't totally been himself. His eyes are all glazed and he does this half smile thing...looks like he's been watching too many Cheech and Chong movies. It's going to be beautiful today so maybe some time outside with his buddy's at the babysitter's will do him good!

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