Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Birthday and Easter, Baby: Today You Are 8 Months Old

This month, I am not going to go on and on about how it's impossible for Spencer to be 8 months old because he was just born (like how I slipped it in there?). I'm just going to say Happy 2/3 Birthday to the love of my life. Spencer's Aunt Bizzle decided that 2/3 sounded less old than 8 months. Spencer is just BURSTING with personality and I can't get enough of him. And I have to say, this month's "birthday" photos are my favorite yet, thanks to his Yeti pajamas and slippers. What a riot. I wish I could've caught his sweet smile but they little dude had just woken up. Can't blame him for being dazed.

What do we know about 8 month old Spencer?

-He is ALL about waving. He has 2 different waves and waves alllllll the time. At people, at things, at himself, at no one. So he's got the hang of HOW to wave, we just have to get him to know WHEN to wave. Because if he waves at me again while simultaneously crying...I don't think my heart can take the combination of adorable and sad.

-He's an inch longer and a pound heavier. That's pretty awesome for a month!

-He's really started to reach out for us (when we reach for him, first). I love it, it drives me nutty. He does initiate the reach but only when he's getting his diaper changed and I clearly can't pick him up. Goofball.

-He's created a fake cough. I'm not sure why he does it but my sister said my nephew did it, too, and I guess my step-son also had a fake cough. I'm hoping this is a short phase.

-He's super into his feet. Always grabbing them, trying to bite them, rubbing them together. Sometimes I call him "my little walnut" because he's all curled up, holding his footies.

-He is in a super tactile stage, always softly rubbing people's faces. And not-so-softly touching everything else. If his nails aren't trimmed when you're feeding him, look out because your paw will be destroyed. He mostly likes to feel skin or blankets/sheets.

Besides turning 8 months, it's also Spencer's 1st Easter! It's not a holiday that Todd and I are super into but it was great to experience it with Spencer. I loved dying eggs with him and making his basket. He didn't really know what was going on but he was smiley and sweet all day. He truly is a loved little boy so I feel very lucky. Not sure why he hated the Easter egg he "found" so much but he LOVED swinging outside. Took a nice Easter snooze on me which was MY favorite part of the day.

Tomorrow, I'll be 15 weeks preggo. Things have really smoothed out so I'm cherishing every minute that I don't feel like death warmed over (another saying I never understood but will use anyway). The 2nd trimester is just as awesome now as it was with Spencer. I just found out that one of the one billion pregnant people I know has the same due date I have. Bananas. But I'm trucking along and I can't wait to feel little Sullivan start moving.

Sullivan. It's official. We actually came up with that name in a hot tub at Kalahari on our 2 year wedding anniversary. I'm not even sure how the baby name conversaion came up seeing as our newborn was only 6 weeks old! I said I liked Sully, he suggested Sullivan, Sully for short (which I was thinking all along) and BOOM, it was done. We had a name and just needed a baby, which didn't take too long! Now we just need a middle name.

Spence and Sully. Super cool detective agency, am I right?

Happy Easter, everybody!

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