Friday, May 4, 2012

Appointment #4: A Big Event Is On The Books

After we got the incredibly awesome news that Sullivan looked perfect according to his Anatomy Scan, I went to my parent's house to share the good news. I knew that Todd was going to do some yard work so I thought I'd take Spencer over there to visit his grandparents. He's crazy about that. We lounged around and kicked off my weekend in a good way (with pork, potatoes, and peas!).

My poor guy had a rough go during the night. Even though his daddy put him to bed in a diaper, I think his room was just tooooo warm. He was a sweaty, matted MESS, poor guy. I brought him into our room where the open windows and fan had made it a half-decent, and blanketless, sleeping environment. He cooled down and snoozed away. Typically Todd would take him back to the Spencer Dome but I let him camp out with Mommy and Daddy. I woke up next to the most perfect little fella.

This afternoon we went to see my OB/GYN and I'm more in love with her and my nurse every visit. They've really taken great care of me and Sullivan and they treat Spencer like a little prince. I love having him with me at the appointments so I can tell him when he's older how he was really a part of it all.

 It was a pretty redundant appointment since I was examined yesterday but here's what we learned:

-While I'm gaining weight back, I'm still 2.4 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight.

-My blood pressure was 100 over 60 (I think) and she said that was great.

-It was confirmed that there were no problems on the Anatomy Scan and he was developing perfectly.

-The top of my uterus is right about bellybutton level now

-His heart rate was 149.

-Starting next visit, she'll start measuring the fundal height. I should gain a centimeter a week.

And here's the big news...


My doc asked if we were still planning on a Section and Tubal Ligation. I asked about how scheduling the whole C-Section works as I couldn't remember what she said early on. She said they could not schedule it as earlier that 39 weeks unless a complication arose. She said that meant any time starting Monday September 24th and if I was good with that date, we could just go ahead and put it on the books as Mondays are really good days for her.

September 24th is the wedding anniversary of two awesome people, Carol High Hair and Tommy Bones.

It's also the birthday of Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible, whom Todd and I love. 

Of course, if I got into labor before then, we'll call the office and have an unscheduled C-Section. But for now, it's so weird to know the date that our son will be born. It'll be nice to be able to prepare for the big day. We can get Spencer and Aiden squared away as far as who will look after them, bring them to visit, etc. And I've been able to tell a few close gal pals the date so they could be there on the big day (I need my support system since things were so backwards last time). But how will I POSSIBLY be able to sleep on September 23rd???

This is so exciting. I need to go to lunch with my husband and feed my excitement. And my baby!


  1. going into labor and delivering on 21 September wouldn't be a bad idea either, just sayin'...

  2. Then I guess you'd have to hop on a plane to be here for the big event, right????