Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, Monday: Bringing Our Hell Week To a Close

Yes, it's true. Today is FINALLY the last day of our "Hell" Week! Todd is taking Spencer to Physical and Speech Therapy early this morning and then we are appointment-free (until vaccines next week but that's close to home and he's in and out)!!! We survived! And everything went REALLY WELL!

I'm expecting his therapists to have some good things to say because he's been busting his his flapjack buns (he really doesn't have much of a butt) over the past few weeks. Todd even saw him do 3 push-ups in a row last night! This is a BIG deal because he needs to work his upper body. But don't we all? Putting weight on his arms primes him to crawl and we want him to keep setting up those milestones and knocking them down!

So while I'm waiting for an update on his morning adventures, I can bore you with details about the weekend. I got a rare surge of uber-energy and not only attended a family function (FINALLY quenched my watermelon craving!!!), but started pulling my weight on our home projects. The goal is to get EVERYTHING done before Spencer's 1st birthday party in August. Therefore, once the couch gets moved to the basement, that room is FINISHED! I'll try and post some pictures of the finished chill spot (The Dawg Pound, as Todd is so grossly calling it) in a few days. The hard work of my dad and Todd really paid off. It's going to be an awesome place to hang out.

And I was able to start weeding out the art room so we can start the bedroom remodel for Aiden. I'm trying to weed out everything we really don't need. No more "Well, let's keep it because you never know...". Ridiculous. There are things all over our house that have never been more! I even found a home for the art desk! It's awesome and I would LOVE to keep it and relocate my art studio, but I'd rather each one of the boys had their own room.

I can't believe that as of SEPTEMBER 24th I'm going to be crawling in boys! Awesome.

Now to wait and see if my son struts his stuff for the therapists today!


I just got a text saying, "He aced PT!". I guess he played nicely during PT and his therapist was really happy with what he's been doing at home. Speech was a little bit of a bust because Spencer was cranky after being at PT. This has lead to co-treatment. At his next appointment, they'll do both therapies at the same time. Since Speech is basically just a lot of playing at this point, it can go hand-in-hand with Physical.

The Speech therapist e-mailed me to let me know how the session went, which was nice. She said she liked the toys Todd brought because they were all interactive and that Spencer was very engaged during their vocal play. She was happy to hear he was doing a lot of repetitive sounds at home (mama, dada, baba). If they're happy, I'm happy.  It sounds like a successful appointment to me! And now...


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