Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spring/Summer Fun: Making The Most Of My Time Off

I may never get over missing the B-52s on Friday. I want that on record.

Spencer's 1st road trip was a smashing success. That boy proves he's more like me every day because he didn't mind being in the car one bit. He may end up cruising the country, acting a fool like mom. And it's not like he slept the entire time. He was up, taking in the views 71 South had to offer (Grandpa's Cheesebarn and not much else) and listening to the radio jams, and he entertained himself when he needed to. He's a peach. A travelling peach.

First we made a breakfast pit stop and ordered him something off a menu for the first time (yogurt). He also enjoyed a few bites of blueberry crepes off a fork...another first, he's typically a spoon man. Then we were on our way...to the GOASIS! My favorite gas station! But while that was mind-blowingly awesome per usual, the real destination was Aunt Becky's!

Let me first say she looks flat out FANTASTIC and happy. Really happy, so I am happy for her. She'd looked do tired and worn out for so long. I wish I could've soaked up more Becky time but it was HOT HOT HOT down there.  I tried to sit outside with Spencer a few times but my little potato was baking in the sun so we spent a lot of time inside, chatting with pals. And we got to see Santo! My dog is faaaaaaaat and happy. He really is where he belongs, running with the pack.

We only stayed a few hours because...it was HOT, 101 when we left...and I didn't want to risk that Spencer would get agitated on the way home. I hate leaving Becky, especially after such a short visit. It was like we got there and left. We stopped for dinner on the way home trying to feed our sorrows (and Spencer may or may not have tried chocolate, you be the judge) and then I called it quits on Sunday and put Spencer's 1st road trip in the books!

And yesterday was another day of firsts: Spencer went swimming for the 1st time!!

And he LIKED IT! My son HATES taking a bath so I thought we were doomed as a pool is just a big, and much colder, tub. Nope. Todd handed him to me, we prepared for the screams, and they never came. He held on to me pretty tightly for a while but then started to get adventurous. He finally dipped his arm in and went, "Wooooooooo", very quietly. And before too long, he was loosening his grasp, splashing around, and babbling. Never cried.

I was so very pumped because I was part fish as a child and this may be just another way he's like his mom. And when we go to the cabin in a few weeks, I know he won't be throwing a screaming fit in the pool, making people think I'm Monster Mom. It's good for his muscle tone and it's good for me, being 22 weeks pregnant now (at this point, Sullivan can hear, his brain is making more complex neurological connections, and his eyes are starting to perceive light).

Even after he took a little swim break, he got right back in with me. So awesome.

He was happy but WHOOPED after his fun in the sun. We all were. Overall, it was a great long weekend that, of course, wasn't long enough. And we can't forget to include Sullivan in the fun! My little maniac was doing some swimming of his own this weekend. I don't know if you know what Kick Counts are but after you eat or consume a lot of liquids, you lay down and your baby should move 10 or more times within an hour. Anything less may be cause for concern (which is exactly why Spencer made an early debut). Sullivan moved 10 times a MINUTE! For SEVERAL minutes.

He must know I'm talking about him as he's going berzerk right now!!

On top of him getting his swim on, he'll now have a place to lay his noggin thanks to my parents who bought him a crib. I can't wait until it arrives. And my parents also helped out with quite a few medical bills so I owe them a gigantic THANKS! Spencer's birth and lengthy NICU stay would've been expensive enough but you have to heap on top of that the fact that he's been seeing specialists since birth, I had to have emergency surgery for a kidney stone, and then I done went and got pregnant again! I may be gray before I get everything paid off but this was a big step in the right direction.

Baby doc on Friday. Can't wait to see what Sully is up to.

Physical and Speech AND the Oncology Clinic next week. I can do without that.


  1. WOW! Becky looks AMAZING! I just love it! So awesome!!!
    And Spencer's HAIR! Wow wow wow! It is too gorgeous!
    And you look beautiful. Man, I miss your face!

  2. I miss your face, too. We were doing so well on getting together and then...slump. Let's correct that.