Saturday, May 26, 2012

Uber Long Weekend: Blogging From The Big Bed

My long weekends are always longer than other people's (don't be too jealous) since I don't work on Fridays. But this stretch will be exceptionally long since I got out of work early on Thursday! Believe me, I'm enjoying every free second I've got to the max.

In fact, I'm currently blogging from under the covers!

Spencer is still snoozing away so I thought I'd pop in to holla at y'all, but hopefully everyone will be having too much long weekend fun to even read this nonsense. Ahhhh, long weekend, how I love you. After busting out early on Thursday, I had lunch with my nephews and then dinner with my parents...and Spence Baby, of course! Both meals were spontaneous and kicked the weekend off in the right, and fattening, direction.

Yesterday Spencer had his monthly visit from his county nurse. She said AGAIN that she wishes she could clone me (makes me feel like I'm doing something right) and that since I'm SO on top of things and he's doing SO well, we can drop our visits to every other month! I didn't expect it so I was really jazzed. I said from the get-go that if Spencer struggled or lagged in any way, it would be because I didn't try hard enough...and I could never forgive myself for that.

Turns out he and I are one Hell of a team! The nurse and I discussed an Early Intervention program he can go to at 2 years old (which will basically just be fun time for him) and talked about how the best pre-school he could possible go to is right around the corner. It may prove difficult to get him in since it's soooo popular but I'll do whatever it takes. I'll cut off a toe. So many parents of typical kids (it's a program for typical and atypical rug rats) want their children in this program that it's already full for a year from now! Yeah, he's going to that school. Just try and tell me he can't. I dare you.

But that's a few years away. Back to the light-n-fluffy.

After our visit, I got in full-on home project mode. I'm having a major surge of energy and a need to nest!! My goal is to get the downstairs bathroom finished this weekend and maybe paint the laundry room if Todd will let me (it isn't on our TOP PRIORITY list). Since Todd and I are both off Monday, I'm sure we can accomplish a lot.

But it won't all be work! There's FUN to be had!

Spencer's God-Mommy is coming over today to play with us and tomorrow, it's his 1st road trip to Columbus!!! He can't wait to see his Aunt Becky and neither can I. We all deserve to kick back and take a break. So enjoy your long holiday weekends everyone. I've gotta go kick off my Saturday by buying a crib (!!!), toy box, and bookshelf! I'm not much of a shopper but this is the good stuff!! I can't wait until Baby Sullivan has a room! I also can't wait until he stops going all ninja on my bladder!

Oooooooooh, I hear some rustling in the Spencer Dome!

Happy Memorial Day and stuff. I'm sure there will be a boatload of pictures coming soon enough!


  1. COULD HE BE ANY CUTER? Love this picture!!!! <3

  2. He's a ham. He gets it from his father.

  3. Must be. I mean, his mother is TOTALLY not a ham. ;)