Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mr & Mrs: A Great End To An Odd Day

Brother Ed has been laid to rest. It was really amazing, and overwhelming, to see all the people who cared about him flooding in. The place was packed with friends, family, acquaintances, and little memories of Ed's life. I felt the emotions starting to rise into my throat looking at all of these amazing pictures and what not but it wasn't until I saw his glasses laying on a table that I began to cry. I told Todd that it reminded me of the scene in My Girl when Vada was screaming about how Thomas J couldn't see without his glasses. Ouch.

I didn't stay long as my preggo-hormones were taking over. I hugged a few people but my mind was so foggy. Luckily, I was somewhat distracted by wearing incredibly uncomfortable underwear and being pretty dead-set that my boobs are too big for situations involving grief. I was self-conscious and sad. I ducked out and on the way to my car heard someone from Ed's car club mention how they had been "to two of these things in two weeks". Broke my heart. I'm sorry, Rumblers. I'm sorry family and friends.

Rest In Peace, Brother Ed.

Now on to happier times!

Todd and I cleaned ourselves up and went to the wedding reception of the finally hitched Erin and Josh! They are too adorable for words. Truly. One of those "match made in Heaven" deals. The reception was at my old stomping ground, The Sachsenheim a.k.a. The Sac. I told Todd I think what I had on was the most clothing I've ever worn there! If you've been to a PFG show, you get what I'm saying. Anyway, we found the 45 with our names on it (so clever) and were definitely at the Party Table, which was aparent when we were called for dinner and someone at our table yelled "BINGO!" while someone else screamed "YAHTZEE!". Rebels.

It was good to hang out and catch up with friends I hadn't seen awhile...and hear The Sonics! It was awesome to see the bride, who had been mind-blowingly nervous for months prior to the wedding, finally smiling and even DANICING for a split second. And it was great to stuff my mug with tacos and cupcakes. It was fun to get dressed up and hit the town. I've said it before and I'll asy it again, I forget how much I miss my friends until I see them again. They're a good bunch all around. So fun. So funny. Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Ryan. Thank you for letting us be a party of your celebration. I hope you have nothing but years of happiness ahead!

Eventually we had to call it a night and go scoop up Spence Baby, who I missed incredibly much after being separated twice in one day. We got home and all piled into the big bed. He missed us, you could tell, and that made my heart full. The fellas are still sleeping as I'm blathering this and I have no idea what today will hold. I'd like to say "a lot of nothing" but I think it will be the exact opposite as Spencer's party, and his brother's debut, are creeping ever-closer. So will that...

Happy Sunday, y'all.


  1. I LOVE YOU GUYS, thank you so much for everything :)

  2. Now I'm counting down until you get pregnant!