Friday, July 27, 2012

Appointment #7: All The Facts And More

I left my OB's office this morning feeling really pumped up and excited...with the tiniest wave of nervousness! I'm in the homestretch! I go back in 2 weeks and then my check-ups will be EVERY week! But let's not jump ahead, because we are NOT ready for the little man. His crib isn't even built yet. I could have him sleep in a dresser drawer but seriously. Here's what I learned today about Mr. Sullivan and his big arrival:

-My blood pressure is all square again. 120/70.

-I've gained 3 more pounds for a grand total of 14.

-Sully's heart rate was 156 and again, he was kicking the Hell out of the Doppler. AND while listening to his heartbeat, we got to hear his hiccups, too! The doc thought it was really wild. "Wild" is actually the word she used. Love it.

-My belly measured right on track. But after asking how big Spencer was (6 pounds 1 ounce), she thinks Sullivan will be a little bit bigger. And she agreed that this baby is probably feeling a little stronger to me than Spencer since he had low muscle tone.

-I received some instructions/information regarding surgery day. I have to be there 2 hours prior (7:30am) and nothing to eat or drink 8 hours before. The surgery will take about an hour and I'll be in recovery for two hours before moving to my post-partum room where I'll bunk from Monday to Friday. Once there, I can have visitors all day, everyday (10 years old and up). Nice.

-I signed the consent form for my Post-Partum Tubal Ligation. I've decided. It's official.

Official. Officially exciting. Officially terrifying. Officially happening in 59 days!

Spencer didn't attend today's appointment...for the first time, sigh...but I'd like to record his first fortune from a fortune cookie from a few weeks ago for posterity. Pretty interesting since his name MEANS "provider"!!! He picked the cookie himself. It's a tradition in our house that we open our cookies before we eat. This one was just perfection:

Tonight we're going to dinner and to see a band that plays "classic hits of the 50s and early 60s" at Mapleside Farms.  Right up our ally. I so hope that the rain holds out because we could use a little fun after working so hard for the past few months. Hell, we'll still be busting our butts this weekend and week...all the way up to Spencer's birthday party! So I think a good dinner and rocking out to some jams on a blanket are in order.

And you know what else is in order?? A big cyber-Happy Birthday to Spencer's Aunt Bizzle who is leaving town on an adventure today! We love you and hope you have a really amazing and exciting birthday. We'll plan a face-stuffing celebration when you get back!

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  1. Thanks for the b-day shout out, m'love! Now what's this I hear about face-stuffing??