Monday, July 2, 2012

Moving Right Along: A Little Bit Of The Basics

2 day work week = boss.

Speech and Physical Therapy today = stress inducing.

I don't know how but I keep forgetting to congratulate Jenn Terror who has joined the group of all of us chicks growing a penis in our wombs! Out of the gaggle of broads having babies that I know, only ONE is having a girl. I'm loving all the baby boy breeding going on these days as I can pass along Spencer and Sullivan's stylish duds! And I can't wait to meet Baby Mattie in November. Swoon.

And I am 27 weeks along.

At this point, Sully is a little over 2 pounds, over a foot in length, and is being compared to a cucumber! If he were to be born today (don't even THINK about it, no matter how much I might want you here), he would have a 90% chance of survival. I can't tell you what kind of comfort that is, seeing as I'm still worried that something will go wrong. The survival rate has increased because he is larger due to fat storage and his lungs are more mature. I'll take it.

He's also opening his eyes from time to time. What a view! And he's dreaming (I can only wonder what about), coughing, suckling, and getting a better hang at that whole breathing thing!

As for me...I'm so-so, depending on the day. Definitely more solid than I was when this whole thing began, but feeling all the annoyances much earlier than with Spencer. My back aches and the round ligamanet nonsense is just plain stupid. At this point, they say I should've gained around 11 pounds and I've gained 10, so I'm right on track. I'm having some troubles breathing already and I can't get comfortable no matter how hard I try.

But there are only 12 weeks to go. Seeing as this whole adventure started with 40, I can't complain. But I'm sure I will.


Todd just sent me some pictures from physical therapy and I'm getting misty-eyed. If Spencer were your average bear and circumstances were different, he's be sitting up unassited by now. Crawling. Probably trying to pull himself up on tables and standing. He wouldn't need to go to therapy and sit at a little support table. He wouldn't need to try so hard...and he tries so hard, without even knowing it. But I know it. And for whatever reason, it hurts today.

Physical said he still needs to strengthen his trunk and gave Todd the little table to bring home to work with. She said he did some new things which she liked. Speech heard him say DADDY and HI. When she said UP, he reached. And his obsession with waving has lead to adding the sign for BUBBLES to his sign language because it's a waving maneuver (it was the first time he saw bubbles, too, and he enjoyed it). She also added the sign for MUSIC to his list. They didn't really say much else...didn't have anything bad to I guess we just keep on keeping on until we go back in August. Sigh...

25 days until my next OB/GYN appointment.
34 days until Spencer's birthday party.
37 days until Spencer turns 1...and goes back to the Oncology clinic.
81 days until my last day at work.
84 days until the C-Section.


  1. i love that little bear! hope I can meet him in person one day, he is truly awesome.

  2. I hope so, too. I'd like to see all the Ol' Kentucky Shark babies in one place!