Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ultra Long Weekend: Part 1

After I clocked out of work Tuesday afternoon (early and feeling pretty lousy), my 5 day (you read that correctly) weekend began. Yesterday was Spencer's first 4th of July, which is typically a holiday I really like because it involves swimming and fireworks. I'm a junkie for fireworks. But being as tired as I am these days, I knew there weren't any in my future. Not even a lousy Sparkler. But that's OK because I had a really fun, if not exhausting, day and Spencer was a gem.

After Aiden marched with his baseball team in the Lakewood parade, we all went to my aunt's house for her yearly picnic/pool party. Spencer and I spent A LOT of time in the pool due to the 95 degree temperature. He really LOVES the water and I LOVE to watch him splash around. He was hooked on watching the other kids swim about. I need to invest in a float for him...maybe one of those ones with the little shade over it. I can't wait until his ears are a little less of an issue so he can take swimming lessons. We swam, we ate, we hung out in the heat with the family. The day was kicked off in the right direction.

It's not fried chicken but it'll have to do.


Me and my little sailor.

My patriotic face.

My family. Wish it wasn't so foggy!

From there, we migrated to my sister's house to hang out in her pool. JUST like we did last year! Aiden, being an 11 year old, likes to be entertained and occupied at all times so it was best to have an evening activity lined up. We swam again and he made a new friend. Todd and Spencer spent most of the time inside enjoying the air conditioning and quiet time. Spence was on the verge of a nap for a loooooong time (even resting once on the Sully bump) but just wouldn't give in. Party animal.



Spencer and Sully.

Finally, after 8+ hours in the heat, sun, and surf, Todd, Spencer and I had exhausted every ounce of energy we had left, but Aiden was still ready to rock! I remember those days. He ended up staying at my sisters for a few more hours, swimming with his new pal. Us tired folks jumped into our pajamas and Spencer and I got our snuggle on in the big bed. Before I knew it, he was out like a light and I followed closely behind. 


Finally gave in!

It was a LOT like last 4th of July except Spencer was here instead of growing in my guts. I wish I had seen some fireworks but there are always other opportunities for that. It was more important for me to rest my aching body, which is REALLY feeling the holiday today. Hell, Spencer slept until 10 and then took a nap! I will continue to be a fan of 4th of July...but next year I'm going to have a cocktail! Or maybe, white, and blue!

Happy Independence Day! And Happy Long Weekend To Me!

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