Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Little Birthday Adventure: Cramming Lots Of Fun Into One Day

I'm sure you're sick of hearing about 1st birthday related happenings so you'll be thrilled to know that this is the last update. This will sum up Spencer's birthday adventures yesterday with a few pictures for fun (the full photo story will appear some time today on Facebook for my nearest and dearest out there).

So we'll break yesterday's goings-on into 4 chapters just to jazz things up.

Chapter 1: The Oncology/Hematology Clinic.

After waking up and giving the birthday boy a bath (horror not recorded for posterity), we headed to his Oncology Clinic appointment as it had been 8 weeks. Not exactly the best way to spend a birthday but a necessary evil. Spencer was a trooper. He barely cried during his blood draw (got it on the 3rd try from his foot). They gave him a birthday gift and ac ard signed by all his doctors and nurses. So thoughtful. They are amazing people. Truly. And I didn't feel any residual grief from being at the hospital where we lived for 10 days last year. I just felt happy and content.

And they gave us good news! His numbers have been steadily looking good so we now only have to go every 12 weeks! So amazing!  His next appointment is on Halloween which sounds VERY far away. I like it. At 1 year old, he is 17 pounds 1 ounce, 29.25", and looking perfectly healthy. Amen to that! Another perk of the visit is that Flashes Of Hope was there (feel free to look that up, great organization) taking pictures of the kids and their families and we knew the awesome photographer! She took a boatload of pictures of Todd, Spencer, and myself (and the Sully bump). We got a little sneak peak so now I'm DYING to see them all.

Goofing off with mom in the waiting room.

Waiting with his heat pack for the blood draw.

My 1 year little buddy. Swooooon.

My best pal.


CHAPTER 2: The Great Lakes Science Center.

After his appointment, we spent the rest of the day celebrating. Our first stop was at the Great Lakes Science Center for their frog exhibit! When Spencer went off to the NICU (one year ago today), he had a stuffed frog from his his great aunt with him. She told us that frogs can only move forward, and now it's become his totem. It meant something to me to take him there and just like with the sealife at the aquarium, he was mesmerized by the frogs. He's a curious guy and liked a lot of things at the Science Center, but I might have liked it more if I wasn't 8 months preggo. It took a toll on my back and feet but was totally worth it overall!

A little post-frog exhibit snooze.

Rested and ready for FUN!

Kickin' it with his pops by the steamship Wm. G. Mather .

Outside the Rock Hall with mom (in too sunny a spot).

Rockin' out on the drums.

Checking on shiny green frogs on leaves.

So pumped about everything he saw in the tanks.

Giving dad a little smooch (his new thing).

Total goofball.

CHAPTER 3: Rocking the chopsticks at Benihana.

Next, we headed to our favorite Japanese Hibachi restaurant, Benihana, for dinner. Sure, Spencer can't enjoy the chow but he DID enjoy the goings-on. The onion volcano, the sounds of the knives clanging, all the chef's silliness. This was really more about Todd and I doing something for ourselves to celebrate making it through a year that got off to a shaky start. We stuffed ourselves silly and like at all restaurants, Spencer was a peach. He sampled a little ginger dressing (what a face that was!) and shared our ice-cream. We were starting to drag a little but our full bellies were happy.

Another cat nap before dinner time.

Taking a glance at the menu (he chose to have formula).

Totally stoked about the flipping utensils.

Happy Birthday to Spencer from Benihana!

CHAPTER 4: Home sweet home.

When we got home, my sister and bro-in-law (Spencer's godfather) were waiting for us and my parents came over. I was glad they got to see Spencer open his presents from us. He got a toy drum that he was really into and new jammies and fall clothes, including hoodies, sweaters, and a jacket. It was stuff he needed and he didn't seem to mind. He just rocked out on his drum.

We filled everybody in on Spencer's appointment and just kicked back and relaxed for awhile. My mom took some pictures of my ever-growing belly, just like she did with Spencer, and then they all hit the road. We took a quick picture of Spencer in one of Todd's shirt...a new birthday tradition we're starting. Every year, I'll take a picture of him in the same shirt until he's 18 and fits into it. A little bonding between father-n-son. But GOD, I can NOT think of him being 18! NO WAY!

Spencer got into a pair of his new pajamas and got into bed with an EXHAUSTED set of parents. He was happy from the time he woke up until the time he fell asleep between us. Birthdays have always been very important to me and I think this one was a total success. I love this little guy and am really happy that we got to celebrate a year of his life in a lot of fun and different ways.

Surrounded by presents from mom and dad.

8 months pregnant.        

The Sully Bump.

Growing Into Dad's Shirt Project #1.

Happy Birthday, little guy. Now time for bed!

Tomorrow it's back to reality with a day full of appointments. What was supposed to be our Hell Week really ended up being pretty easy to manage, with the exception of tomorrow. Spencer and I will kick off the day by going to his Occupational Therapy evaluation (hopefully he won't need it but I'll live if he does). Then in the afternoon, we'll meet Todd at my OB appointment and go straight to Spencer's 1 year check-up. After stocking the fridge, I predict a lot of cartoons and napping.

I'm sure you'll get an update tomorrow!

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