Friday, August 10, 2012

Appointment #8: Just One Appointment In A Day With A Full Dance Card

I've been up since 4:00am for no good reason so I'm blogging from the big bed with a bowl of ice cream, last night's Project Runway, and a Food Network magazine close by. I'm mentally and physically exhausted and have taken in so much information in such a short period of time. I need to unload it all here so I can hopefully get some rest!

Spencer and I started our day super early at his Occupational therapy evaluation. Per usual, the therapist saw him do lots of great things where fine motor/self-care skills are concerned. This seems to be where he excels. I was given some activities to do at home to keep him ahead of the game. I was told the they see fine motor delays emerge starting around 4 months so the fact that Spencer is a year old and only needs a nudge here and there is great. We'll start going every 2 months (instead of 3) just to get some tips-n-tricks to keep him on top.

I felt good about it all. I asked Spencer to strut and he strutted. He showed what he could do. So yeah, it was good but I already felt like I had a full day. Spencer and I listened to all the rain in Brunswick and both got a little shut eye before heading off to my 8th OB appointment. Todd met us there which was handy because he was able to entertain Spencer while I talked to my doctor about the spotting that had been going on for the past week.

First off, Sullivan's heartbeat was great, he's measuring right on track, I've gained less than half a pound, and my BP was a nice 110/70. So the basics were golden. After an internal exam for good measure, I was told that my cervix look beautiful (hubba hubba), was closed, and there were no signs of blood. Whew! I was hooked up the fetal monitor which showed a quiet uterus and awesome movement/heartbeats from Mr. Sullivan. But jusssssst to be safe, I'll have an ultrasound on Monday. I'm cool with any opportunity to see my baby and make sure he's A-OK.

Todd and Spencer ducked out early to head to his 1 year appointment at the pediatrician...and I was right behind them. We went over the results of his thyroid test which unfortunately was slightly more elevated than last time. It's looking like he'll have Hypothyroidism (which surprised some people since he's so skinny). We'll go see an Endocrinologist and see what they say. Worst case, he'll start some meds preemptively. It's soooo common and in the grand scheme of things, we can handle it. Sucks that he'll have another doc but it is what it is.

I was worried about his weight and if we're feeding him enough...and we must be because he's growing long and his head is the right size. Yea, his weight gain has tapered off but if he were malnourished, his height would've begun to lag, too. His doctor thinks he will just be long and lean and I'm more than OK with that, especially with a possible thyroid issue. At this point, Spencer can eat all foods so we can introduce more protein, like from eggs. And formula is DONE! He can officially switch to whole milk! It's cheaper with far better burps! His last bottle of the day will also include Carnation Instant Breakfast to get him some extra calories. He was loving it tonight!

He needs to have a hearing screen because he only had one at birth. I have zero doubts that his hearing is up to snuff. But whatever we need to do, we'll do. It was also recommended that I don't wait until December to have his eyes looked at again. Since his initial exam, Todd and I have both noticed that when he looks at things close up, his eye (either left or right, never both at the same time) turns in a bit. It has to do with his farsightedness but we don't want any permanent damage. I really hope he doesn't need glasses, no matter how cute that would be. But again, in the grand scheme of things, glasses are no big thing. I wear them and love them. They're my thing!

After 3 appointments were behind us, we stocked the fridge, freezer, and cupboards with groceries and made a quick and yummy dinner. Now Todd is watching the Browns game with his little boy and I'm just trying to unwind. I'm beat and uncomfortable and very thankful that there are only 6 weeks left in my pregnancy. Next OB appointment on Thursday. And the pediatrician said she will come to the hospital the day Sullivan is born so we don't have to wonder if we'll get bad news like we did on Day 2 of Spencer's life. We can relax and move on.

I'd like to relax and move into sleep mode right now! I should mention that Spencer's docs at the Oncology clinic called yesterday (for one, to tip us off that his thyroid level was elevated again). They are encouraging me to consider cord blood banking since Spencer will always be at risk for Acute Leukemia. Though banking is REALLY expensive and there's no guarantee Sullivan would be a match for Spencer in the event of anything wonky, he COULD be a match and it's better to have it and NOT need it. So there's some research and thinking to do.

Ah, brain. One day you'll get a break!

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