Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Impromptu Ultrasound: A Sneak Peek & A Thumbs Up

I need a clockwork orange to keep my eyes open today as it physically aches to be awake. I would say, "Thank God that I have to leave at 10:00 for my ultrasound", but even 10:00 seems too far away. Nothing short of sticking my face into a sink full of ice water is going to help. I need to talk a walk.

I have a caffeinated beverage. Don't judge me.

Our official countdown to Sullivan is as follows:
6 weeks OR
1 month, 1 week, 4 days OR
42 days.

I like how it sounds from all angles because I am ready, more than ever, to NOT be pregnant anymore. Last night I was sad for a split second that this will be my last "bump" and started to savor the roundness. But then when I couldn't get any rest (which has lead to this morning's charming disposition), my affection for said bump disappeared. I'm ready.

But once again, he is not. He has 6 weeks to keep cooking. At 33 weeks, my son is the size of a honeydew and around 4 pounds, packing on about 1/2 a pound a week at this point.. My uterus is still growing which doesn't shock me at all. It feels like it's in my throat. And the umbilical cord is supplying antibodies along with nutrients. That umbilical cord is on my mind since we have to make a decision about the banking the cord blood. I'm pretty sure we're going for it.  Given Spencer's situation, it would probably be stupid not to.

ARGH! I am so uncomfortable today! "Still working, still nesting, still coasting" is how things were going when I was 33 weeks along with Spencer. Well, I'm still working though I kind of feel like I suck at my job right now because my head just isn't screwed on and everything aches. I'm nesting but there really isn't much nesting to do! The house is clean, the nursery is ready, our lives are organized. And I refuse to jump the gun and pack my bag until 5 weeks to go (next Monday). And coasting? Please. If I were coasting, I wouldn't be having an impromptu ultrasound today.

I'm doing this one solo because my boys will be at the Browns training camp. If I thought there were anything to seriously worry about, Todd would be there. But this is all just a precautionary measure. We'll see what's what at 10:30! I hope I get to see a 3D image of my little man!!!


So my ultrasound today was pretty damn cool! I've never had an ultrasound this far along and we only had one, period, with Spencer not to mention there were no 3-D ultrasounds. Sullivan is adorable. I was beaming from ear to ear. He looks so much like Spencer and has lips ready for smooching (by MOMMY, back off ladies).

At this point, he's about 4 pounds 9 ounces and he has hair! His head, belly, and femur are all measuring on track...I saw the 4 chambers of his heart, his brain, his bladder...it was even more involved than his anatomy scan. I couldn't be any more excited for him to get here now! And it looks like the spotting was harmless. Nothing is up with the placenta or cervix and as we know, Sully is doing GREAT. So if he's OK, I'm OK. Next OB check-up on Thursday!!!

3 days until my next OB/GYN appointment.
14 days until school starts (math...ugh).
37 days until our 3rd wedding anniversary.
38 days until my last day at work.
42 days until the C-Section.

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