Saturday, August 18, 2012

Appointment #9: The Middle Part Of An Appointment Sandwich

Before I start rambling, this guy is worth any stress I complain about. Note that.

I kicked this week off thinking the only appointment I had was my weekly OB/GYN check-up. Piece of cake. But after spending what felt like half of my life on the phone on Tuesday, Mommy and Spencer's dance cards were once again full. Lucky us. Lucky that I've so efficiently scheduled and color-coded our lives.

I've discovered there is no color set aside for "break time".

WEDNESDAY = Pediatric Ophthalmology follow-up.

Spencer had an eye appointment back in June where they discovered he had big thing...and was farsighted. Typically, we would go back in a year for a recheck but the doc was worried about "drifting" (his eyes turning in) and muscle damage so we scheduled an appointment for December.

After seeing Spencer's Pediatrician (I still can't decide if this stuff should be capitalized) for his 1 year well check-up last week, she recommended that we don't wait that long. What wasn't noticeable to us back in June is noticeable now. His eyes ever-so-slightly turn in (one eye at a time, not like cross-eyes) when he's looking at things close up. Rats.

No one wants Spencer to end up with any permanent eye/muscle damage so I called to move the appointment up...but our doc is booked so far in advance that I had to take him to see someone else. Double rats. And instead of having the luxury of only having to drive to Westlake rather than dealing with the hospital like we did in June, we were off to Rainbow Babies at UH for the check-up. Grrrrrr.

I really didn't want Spencer to wear glasses. Like I've said, in the grand scheme of things, having to wear glasses is NOTHING. But Spencer deals with a lot of things and has no idea what's going on. Wearing glasses would be something he'd have to adjust to. And I kept thinking of him wearing a dorky little strap to keep them on. My sister reminded me that Dr. J wore the strap so Spencer would "have to own it". And that's how it's going to go.

Spencer has pretty good eyesight, and has great control over his eyes, but being slightly farsighted, he's trying to bring things into focus which causes the turning in. Doc said its good we're addressing it now because some babies/kids don't care about seeing in focus so there is no turning and therefore, the problem is never caught and too much damage is done. He'll have to wear glasses all day long but then he won't try so hard and the crossing will be corrected. And my awesome friends have been listing off cool people in glasses to help me not feel so mopey about it. I hope he adjusts quickly.

Before glasses...sigh.

THURSDAY: OB/GYN Appointment #9.

This was the 1st of my last 5 OB/GYN appointments before Sully gets here! I love my doctor, the nurse, and everything about finding out what Sullivan is up to. Ever since I got to see the 4D picture of his face (and those LIPS), I've become more anxious for him to get here!

I haven't been feeling so hot lately (emotionally or physically) and a new symptom has kicked in...the bones of what I guess you would call my "pelvic girdle" KILL. Like pelvic growing pains. But everything is starting to shift and change for the big day, even though he won't be making his debut through Ye Ol' Birth Canal. The doc said my bones are actually stretching out and it's very common and very painful. Fun.

Other than that, my BP was good, I'm up 1.5 pounds, his heart rate was 147, and he measured right on track. Beautiful. Not so beautiful was how a woman in the waiting room made me feel regarding my son. The thing she said to me...I don't want to remember this bitch for the rest of my life so, I'm rising above it.

Spencer turned on the charm, of course, and then we went to get his glasses. But no one had any small enough! One place ordered in the smallest they could find for him to try...or we have to find a specialty store. I REFUSE to get him Miraflex. They look like he'd be wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses. So that case isn't closed and despite buying him 3 new pairs of jammies to make me, I mean HIM, feel better, I cried the whole way home.

Then I cried again in my driveway. After a year, 2 appeals, multitudes of phone calls, and a few letters...Spencer was finally approved for his secondary health insurance starting from his 2nd day of life. It took so much work. It took so long. Everything takes so much and so long. I'm just exhausted. Period. But spending some time with my family and son at an impromptu, and delicious, dinner at least ended the day in a somewhat decent way.

Snoozin' at the doc.

Waking up to hear the heart rate.

Getting dolled up for dinner.

Snatching Aunt Sherry's bread.

Just tried lobster! More adventurous than mom!

FRIDAY: Pediatric Endocrinologist evaluation.

Yesterday morning, we headed to the Pediatric Endocrinologist which wasn't as stressful as I assumed it would be. Yes, his TSH is elevated but it's borderline and he doesn't have any other symptoms of Hypothyroidism. All pluses. He's starting a VERY low dose of some meds and we'll see how it goes. There's a chance he might react in a way that tells us he doesn't need the meds. But if he big deal (and no big price tag, thank Buddha.

He'll get a blood test in 4 weeks and have a follow-up in 8. I'm thinking positive. But I'm not so positive about the fact that he has lost a pound over a week. Not awesome. He's been eating fine, trying new things, having his Instant Breakfast...I don't get it. They said he could be getting even longer, burning more calories from being more energetic, or it could just be a difference in scales. She wasn't overly concerned so I guess I'll just keep my eye on it. He's so so skinny and small, something the bitch from yesterday was happy to remind me of over and over, LOUDLY.

Post-appointment, we picked up Aiden's school supplies (and MY school supplies since I'll be taking a pre-req for nursing school starting on the 27th, eek!) and went home to veg. Napping was in order and deserved. When Todd got home from work, we were running an errand and decided to grab a quick bite to eat. Ended up having a nice dinner at Brio, totally unexpected but totally awesome since we haven't really gotten to hang out lately. And I needed to just do something nice that didn't involve doctors, but did involve dessert.

I was in bed snuggling with Spencer by 7:30.

Ready for another doctor's appointment.

Amusing ourselves while waiting for the docs.

Copping a feel! Yikes!

Out cold on mommy...and on his brother!

He had mashed potatos and creme brulee.

Chilling with daddy before bedtime.

Today, there are plenty of options for brain-numbing fun. But I think I'm skipping the Lakewood Car Kulture show in favor of reserving energy for Granger Danger 2 tonight (I missed Granger Danger 1 as I think we were living in the hospital then). Spencer is going to get to see some cool bands and meet some cool people, and I'll get the opportunity to see some of my pals for probably the last time before Sully arrives.

Yes, I'm exhausted and yes, my bones ache, and yes, some of the bands are far past my preggo-bedtime...but I need a little fun. My little family needs more fun. And I can have this kind of fun from a lawn chair! If I don't go, I know I'll regret it. you're all caught up. Now YOU go do something fun!


  1. Screw that bitch. : D nosey old women have no idea what they are talking about.

  2. I look forward to my Sully appointments and she ruined it for me. I'll tell you later what she said, and I'm sure she meant no harm, but...ouch.

  3. Spencer is so darn cool. He will rock glasses just like his mama, and I'm also happy he got his secondary insurance. we will soon be applying for the Katie Beckett waiver, here, which will be a ball of fun.
    big hugs!