Monday, August 27, 2012

Ready Freddie: All My Bags Are Packed And I'm Ready To Go...

I'm 35 weeks pregnant? There's no way. There's no WAY that there's only 4 weeks until my C-Section. I JUST had Spencer. We JUST found out I was pregnant again. I JUST had the horrible bout with Hyperemesis. We JUST found out that he was a boy, and a healthy one at that. All of these things just happened so it's impossible that in 28 short days, Sullivan Richard *insert 2nd middle name here* Gansert will be here.

28 days or less, I should say! I've got a feeling...

I rallied this weekend and feel confident that we're ready for the main event. The bag for the hospital is officially packed with new socks, slippers, and undies, fresh jammies, and awesome "going home" outfits for Sully...I brought options in case he's bigger than I predict. Outfits are all laid out for Todd and I to wear to the hospital and a bag is packed for Spencer to kick it at Aunt Sherry's for the day.

The bag!

Our clothes for the big day...lots of black, white, and gray in our wardrobes.

Sullivan's "going home" outfit if he's the size I predict.

Sullivan's "going home" outfit if he's BIGGER than I predict.

Spencer's outfit (hoodie not pictured).

Spencer helped me pack (he's actually trying to put on a pair of my undies in this picture).

We made a last minute decision for Spencer to NOT spend the night at Aunt Sherry's the first night of Sullivan's life. I'm going to be in pain and probably ├╝ber-exhausted as I was before. There's no reason why Todd needs to sleep at the hospital when he could be at home with Spencer. In a way, I think knowing Todd is with him will help me relax. And I'll be on pain killers with nurses to give me a hand. Todd will be back bright and early after dropping Spencer at the sitters to keep his routine on track. I think it's a good plan and will make everything easier on everyone.

I'm really going to miss Spencer but he'll visit me daily!

And speaking of my favorite guy, he's been doing push-ups like crazy over the weekend. And I was finally lucky enough to snap some photos because he's been doing it longer and longer. He LOVES when Todd and I applaud him for doing it. He's such a ham...but I know it's hard work. I think the folks at physical therapy are going to be pumped today. Sitting and crawling are riiiiiight around the corner, no doubt! I'm a proud mama.

Backing up to what's up with Sully at week 35, there really isn't much to report anymore. At this point, he should be rotating to a head down position...but he rotated a while back. It's all about growing. Gaining weight, fat, and making sure his lungs are mature. If he was born today, he'd have a 99% survival rate. But I'm still not going to relax until I've got him in my arms.


Stay tuned tomorrow for an update on his PT/ST appointments as well as the repeat hearing screen he has today. Of course I'm going to be a jittery mess until I get the full report. School starts today (even though my course if web-based so I don't have to go to campus) so that will distract me a little. It was kind of exciting to see "Pre-Nursing" on my materials. Eek!

4 days until my next OB/GYN appointment.
12 days until Spa Day with Carol High Hair.
23 days until our 3rd wedding anniversary.
24 days until my last day at work.
28 days until the C-Section.

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