Thursday, September 20, 2012

Appointment #13: The Non-Existent Appointment

3 days to go. Shock-o-Rama!

Also shocking is that I got an A on my 1st quiz. I guess my brain still works after all these years out of school. I've been working hard but still got overwhelmed taking the quiz. I missed HALF a point for a truly stupid mistake and I'm kicking myself for it. But hey, I still got an A. I feel pretty good about it. And I got a nice jump on my homework so I don't have to worry about school while I'm in the hospital.

Did I mention that I'll be there in 3 DAYS?!?!

And speaking of 3, Wednesday was our 3rd wedding anniversary. We had already celebrated on Monday since we were both home. We went to CLE Clothing which was a bust for Todd (shirts were too soft) but I scored 2! We did some other running around and had an awesome lunch at The Melting Pot, talking and stuffing ourselves silly. It may not have been as elaborate as our first 2 anniversary celebrations (last year we picked the name Sullivan for our imaginary next child while drinking frozen cocktails in Kalahari's hot tub), it was just as meaningful. As Todd said, "3 years. 2 babies. 1 love".

Today was our last OB/GYN appointment. I love my doctor and her nurse so while it's exciting, it's bittersweet. They were friendly, comforting and encouraging, really making me feel taken care of
during my (final) pregnancy. I'll always be eternally appreciative for how understanding and awesome they were to me...and Spencer. I'm so glad my doctor will be the person bringing Sullivan into the world.

So our appointment...never happened. The doc got called away to surgery so we had some time to kill. But while waiting, our nurse called my cell and said that as long as Sullivan was moving (elbowing me left and right), and since my section is Monday, I don't really need to be seen. So that's that. No more appointments! DONE!

I was feeling very...I don't know...yesterday. Spencer was napping in my bed and I was rubbing his back and just thinking about how we made him. Not HOW, perverts! Just how one minute he wasn't here and then he was, and every day he grows and learns and comes into his own. He is SO LOVED by so many people and I know I've said it plenty of times, but I can't imagine my life without him. It doesn't matter how many ups and downs we went through last year. He was clearly meant to be mine.

When Sullivan comes home, it's going to be amazing. This baby boy is going to complete our family. Now we just get to BE. We get to LIVE. We're going to have an incredible Fall and Winter holiday season with this new little guy. I'm so very excited to meet him and to see what kind of big brother Spencer will be. I think he and I will always have a special bond...and I'm hoping that he and Sully will have one, too. They'll be so lucky to have each other. And I'm going to be such a lucky mom. They've given us a far more awesome and full life, for sure. I hope I can be an awesome mom for them. I'm sure trying.

3 DAYS!!!

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