Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting To Know You: You're 1 Month Old

Happy 1 Month Birthday, Sullivan! No one ever calls you that so I'm taking the opportunity to do it here. I can't believe you've been a part of our family for a month already. I've enjoyed every second of your life so far but those seconds have gone by WAY too fast. I keep joking that before I know it, you'll be grown and that is a joke I need to stop making. You're my last baby and I need to make every second count.

Here is what I've learned about you in 1 month:

- You are STRONG and super solid. You got your food-related nicknames for a reason. You are compact and...solid! You could fit nicely in a meatloaf pan. My little pot roast. My pork chop. And you can already hold your head up for a lengthy period of time and put weight on your legs.

- Speaking of nicknames, you have a ton, just like your brother did. Sully, Turkey Leg, Pot Roast, Meatloaf, Boogie (like your bro), Sull-a-Roo, Mole Man, Brutus, The Catfish, and on and on.

-And speaking of your brother, he just loves you. Everyone does. When Spencer sees you, he lights up and tries to pet you, sometimes a little too hard. I lower you to his level and he kisses your head. It makes my heart melt. I know you'll be great pals. There's already something special between you.

- You like to be held. I'm waiting for your daddy to say I hold you too much. I don't think there's such a thing as too much. I hold you to comfort you and show you I love you. It makes me feel good. I have a very strong bond with Spencer and I want our bond to be as awesome.

- If you're fussy, I'll lay you over my heart and you'll fall asleep. If you're not on my heart, you'll find it. You get there on your own.

- You pretty much look serious and/or stressed 24/7 due to a crease in your nose and the fact that your brow is often furrowed. But you're a very content baby and only cry when you're hungry and for the occasional snuggle.

- No one has any idea who you look like (your dad says you look like me but I think Spencer looks like me). The cinnamon colored hair comes from me, for sure. And the full lips. Your head is shaped like your dad's and your skin is a little darker which MUST be from him. But overall, you're totally your own person. You just look like you!

- You have little tremors in your arms when you're asleep. We were worried about them but the doc said they're nothing, like when your leg juts out before you fall asleep. You should out grow them by 3 months.

- When you were born, you had a FULL head of hair. I mean, there was, and still is, a TON of brushable, stylable hair. Your one ear looked like it had a werewolf bite out if it but that has since gone away. You also have a few white dots in your left eyebrow. They're either clogged glands or a birthmark (which could be corrected down the line if we want...I don't even notice it).

- You have been a perfect addition to our family and have been very good to me. I've been so lucky, and I know it, to have 2 sweet, easy going sons. I can't wait for your first holidays and family vacations and learning more about you!!!

You're AWESOME, Baby Bird!

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