Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spare Time: I Like The Nightlife, Baby

It's funny that at midnight, lit by the muted television, with a sleeping one month old on a pillow on my lap, while "expelling" breast milk is now what is considered my free time. I'm not complaining, just taking note.

Tonight...or last night, as it's after midnight...I left my baby boys with their father for the first lengthy period of time and went on a girl date with my wife, Phoebe. We went to PJ McIntyre's and just talked and talked and laughed. I wish I could remember all the funny shtuff that was exchanged but my brain is officially mush. There wasn't a quiet moment and I had a blast. Todd had been encouraging me to go out and do something to get a break from all the mothering. It was a few hours well spent (I also went to the Carter's store and rustled up some clothes for the boys for X-Mas) and I believe I may even do it again some time! Hopefully with Phoebe. And hopefully she'll be tipsy. And we'll be speaking Yiddish!

But for now, I belong to the 2 gentlemen in diapers who will call me Mommy, as soon as they can talk.

I also belong to higher education as decisions I thought I had plenty if time to make have to be made NOW. But that's another story. A longer, more involved story that hurts my brain. So I'll postpone it until my decisions have been made and I'll spill the details. Or I'll spill blood. Or I'll spill SOMETHING as I am clumsy!

While I'm looking forward to Sully's 1st Trick-or-Treat experience, Halloween doesn't feel like Halloween this year. It feels off. But I am looking forward to our costumes. They're going to be solid. I wish we didn't have to go to the Oncology clinic that day but we'll put some skeleton jammies on our little monster and it'll be over in no time. Then the real fun can begin. I hope. If Trick-or-Treat feels off, I'll be so disappointed.

Another Post In Pictures will be coming soon because I've got a plethora of new faves to share. As soon as my school quiz and homework are turned in and Halloween is over, I'm thinking. Stick around for that!

And CONGRATS Jenn and Matt Terror on the birth of baby Mattie! You weren't wrong for nick naming him Peanut! Can't wait to meet the little guy! 2012 Tally: 3 girls and 7 boys.

Time to unhook the milking machine and go to sleep. I'm calorie and sleep-deprives today and am on my own tomorrow. So...GOOD NIGHT!