Monday, October 15, 2012

The Haps: Emptying Out My Brain Tank Once Again

1. I need to get back to blogging from my computer so I can incorporate pictures into my posts again. You can do the from the phone but they all end up at the end and out of order. Hence why volume 3 of the Sully story isn't complete yet. But it's a'coming. Just sit tight. Phone blogging is just easier when there's a little dude (or medium dude) asleep in your lap.

2. My little guy is 3 weeks old today. He has been a total joy. He may have a serious face but he is just too sweet and snuggly. I can't remember life without him. I don't want to!

3. Spencer is really warming up to his baby brother. He lights up when he sees him and has only tried to pull his face off once in the last few days. It's really awesome to see them together. I don't think Spencer feels jealous and he isn't being slighted at all. We, and our family and friends, do a good job of making sure everyone gets equal attention.

4. Something I forgot to mention about Sully's birth had to do with Spencer. Thanks to our OB and nurses at the hospital, we managed to get Sully's cord blood banked for Spencer, just in case the need arises down the road. It's very expensive to do but because of our situation and with the help of our medical team, the cord blood was collected, processed, and is hanging out in private storage at no cost to us. I pray that Spencer never needs it but if he does...

5. Speaking of medical professionals, I think I made an additional decision about nursing school and my future plans. I ran it by Phoebe who knows me well and would be brutally honest with me if I was setting my sights too high. She was incredibly supportive so I feel a little more confident with moving forward. More about that at a MUCH later date. Like when nursing school is almost over.

6. So far I've got 2 As and a B on my school quizzes. I hate that B. it's taunting me. My midterm is due this Wednesday and I've been working my can off on it. I can't see when I'd be drawing a graph and locating the slope and y-intercept while working with patients but who am I to judge?

7. Congrats to Jimmy and Sarah on their big baby boy, Noah James, who arrived Monday, a week late. Sarah and I had the same due date! 2 of the groomsmen from our wedding and us all had babies on 3 consecutive Mondays! Bananas! The tally is now 3 girls and 6 boys for 2012.

8. I'm still feeling rocky. Bleeding, experiencing pain, blah blah. But I'm pushing through. This is the last time I'll ever go through this so I should quit complaining. Sully did have 2 nice stretches of sleep last night. I thank him for that, my little ham.

9. My ham is getting baptized next month. He's going to have 2 god-mamas. My sisters were so supportive when Spencer was born. We really leaned on them. Our priest said God doesn't care if he has 2 godmothers so...there you have it!

10. Because I'm still feeling rickety,I didn't go see Angry Samoans. I didn't get to check off hearing "Lights Out" live off my list. I feel so crummy about it. But it is what it is.

*BONUS THOUGHT: I may finally get to have Winking Lizard's beer cheese bread today when we run our errands. This time last year, I had it like 5 times. So...fingers crossed!!

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