Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Story Of Sully Vol. 3: The Final Chapter In Pictures

I'm finally getting the chance to wrap up the story of Sully, mostly because I'm sick as a dog (fever reached 102.3 last night and when Todd peeled the blankets off me, I looked like I had been caught in the rain) and am stuck in bed with the man himself. If I'm going to be laying here, sweating my brains out and stinking like spoiled milk, I might as well do something productive. My little meatball is 3 weeks and 2 days old and has been nothing but awesome...and I have captured as much awesome as I can with my iPhone camera.

I'm a picture whore, I'm not going to lie. When Little Jen came to visit, she was shocked that there were already pictures printed and framed all over the house (considering he was only 2.5 weeks at the time). I wonder how many people on Facebook have blocked me because of how many pictures I post of my boys? I wonder, but that doesn't mean I care. My guys ROCK! So here it is, the final part of the Sully's story told by my favorite photos. And since it took me so long to do this, I have more "favorite" photos to use, rather than just from his 1st week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Happy Birthday, Sullivan!

Mommy and Daddy

Aunt Phoebe, who was there when both our boys were born.

One last photo with the bump.

Any minute now.

Nervous dad.

Here he is! Sullivan Richard Skywalker!

8# 2oz and 19", which they now think was wrong. He was longer.

A full head of hair! With a spiky hairdo!

A dude and his son.

Meeting mommy.

So happy...before the cookie-tossing began.

Me, my mom, and my son.

Taking a peek at the world.

Kicking it with Grandpa.

Flirting with Aunt Phoebe, as my sons tend to do.

After his first bath. Showing off his muscles.

Spencer is here to meet his brother!!

He's a little unsure about this tiny guy that mom has.

Aunt Sherry.

Aunt Wendy.

Annnnnnnnnd GOOD NIGHT!

Our Hospital Stay

Good morning! It's the 2nd day of your life!

Not much to do but snooze in the hospital.

Getting to know my new pal.

My favorite picture of Sullivan!

Aunt Carol High Hair and Tommy Bones.

A little love from daddy.

Napping on mommy. Better than the bassinet.

Spencer is showing Sully who the boss is. We were clueless.

My little family.

Caught Sully mid-yawn. Hilarious!

Snuggling my BFF who was still confused about what was happening.

Early (and I mean early) bonding time.

I missed him so much when he wasn't around.

He always turns up the "cute" for Aunt Phoebe.


Meeting Aunt Potsie before bedtime.

Last morning in the hospital.

Going home (doesn't even look like him).

First Week Home
Aunt Sherry helped Spencer get used to his baby brother.

Thugging out.

Daddy's view as Sully crashed in his arms.

Wearing our favorite pair of Spencer's pajamas.

A new baby is exhausting for everyone.

This picture is already framed next to our bed.

It's hard to be a baby.

My awesome dudes, getting along.

I busted Spencer holding Sully's hand. SWOON!

He is so sweet but has such MEAN faces!

1st bath at home!

He hated it but finally just gave in.

Ninja Turtle!

Mama's beach bum.

I think he's going to stay!

Life With Sully
Cutest little brother ever. And I'm not just being biased.

My little bear (and big nephew) at a family campout.

My family. Love them.

Brothers being awesome!

So many goofball faces.

So much like his brother. Just a little...thicker!


He is a championship yawner.

Holding hands with his mommy. Good grip!

Dudes and their kids.

Meeting cousin Evan...who lost interest in holding him quickly.

I called this "Prison Shanking". Hilarious.

Muscle man!

Bros, kickin' it in the big bed!

Mommy and Sully. 

Telling mommy what's WHAT!

Stop blogging and let's get out into the world!!!

So there you have it. The story of the newest addition to my family in three parts. It was a very difficult pregnancy, as I'm sure you were sick of hearing about. But it was very, very worth it. I have no doubt that Sullivan was meant to be ours. He just fits perfectly. As I've said, he's been a complete joy, just like his brother. And now that he's been kicking it here at home for awhile, Spencer is really enjoying him. Yes, if Sully is very upset, Spencer still cries. That gets very interesting, and loud. But overall, he lights up when he sees him. 

I think Todd and I have been a good team, making sure both boys are taken care of and get the attention they deserve. I know Spencer is only 14 months old and really won't remember a time without Sully, but it makes me feel better to know that I showed him plenty of love and attention and that he was never second fiddle to our new addition. He's still my best pal and I love seeing him with his brother. I look forward to every day with them, watching them grow up and grow closer as brother. I just don't want it all to happen too fast!!!

For a quick second, I thought I was having regrets about the tubal but they're gone now. I really think that my little family is now perfect. We are what we're meant to be and I couldn't be happier...even if sleep is limited, I sometimes forget to eat, and showering is a total luxury. I'd rather smell like boiling hot spoiled milk than trade anything about this family. Life. Is. Good.

Blogging will continue per usual because there is nothing but adventure ahead! 

Stay tuned!


  1. I LOVE the photo recap and I needed it, been way too swamped lately to catch up on FB. Love your boys, love that you're doing good altho sick and stinky!!!!

    1. I hope if you get some free time you can meet Sully. But I know your time will be occupied with a super sweet Lego Ninja costume!!!!

  2. I LOVE the photos ... the yawn in my fav! What fun to see the two brothers hanging out together. And what a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing (and I admit I must have checked your website 10 times a day for the past few weeks just hoping these would appear, so if your Pageviews tripled, that was mostly me ... ha ha!) Phoebe's Mum

    1. There will be plenty of photos to come, too, so I hope you'll still follow! I love seeing my boys together so I always have my camera ready. I really can't believe they're both here. And then again, I feel like they've been here forever. Now I just need to find a way to keep them little longer! Like FOREVER!

  3. If there is one thing you could NEVER be to me, it's a crappy friend. I love you.

    1. Well, I try. I may not always seem like I'm 100% invested but I am. I've always got your back, wife.