Monday, November 12, 2012

Emotions In Check: Bone Marrow Biopsy Day

Spencer's bone marrow biopsy is this afternoon so I figured I would record the day in pieces, rather than try and remember everything that happened and how I felt throughout the day. I'm currently sitting in bed by myself, emptying the milk jugs, and getting ready to shower. Todd is feeding Spencer (Jello and apple juice = clear liquids) and Sully is snoozing. Both boys are sweet and happy. It would appear like any other day from the outside.

Let me preface all the blogging by saying I HATE TODAY. Loathe it. We should NOT be here. Spencer does NOT need this garbage. But at least once the test is over, we'll know if he has Leukemia or not and can move forward. It's kind of easy to say that though. If he DOES have Leukemia, I can act like I'll be strong enough to handle it all NOW. It will most likely be a different story once I hear the words for sure. I'm guessing there will be lots of tears and I won't be nearly as tuff as I'd like to be. Maybe I should enjoy this moment. Right now, there is no bad news. In an hour and a half, we'll be on our way downtown and there will be no turning back.


I thought I would have far more little breaks to tell the tale of today's adventure, like when we were in the waiting room...but we never were. We stayed during the entire procedure which I really didn't think would be an option. I witnessed a bone marrow biopsy first hand, and only cried a little. Todd might have gotten misty-eyed, too. We checked in, came to the sedation unit, they put his IV in, sedated him, and did the procedure. There was no down time at all. The doctor who did the sedating said Spencer did much better than he expected. Now I'm sitting at his bedside, waiting for him to wake up. Then he can eat and we can get the Hell out of here.

We should know the results by early afternoon tomorrow. And when we know, everyone will know. We're all in this together now. And I can't stress enough how much everyone's support today meant. Family, friends, friends of friends, strangers...people rallied. It was heart-warming. He'll need a good team if the outcome is bad and he has it in spades. It's really amazing how people come together when you need them. Spencer is one loved little boy.

And he might be waking up now...

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  1. Sending every positive thought and good ju ju iv got Spencers way!