Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Results Are In: The Best News, The Best Feeling

I waiting for Spencer's results all day yesterday. My hand was cramping from holding the phone and my adrenaline was so high, I felt like I could erupt at any moment. I tried to keep as busy as I could to distract myself...doing laundry, cleaning, playing with the boys, getting ready for the Baptism...but the call never came. I just kept waiting and fearing the worst. Sully's special day was going to be ruined by a very distracted mother.

I took a shower and was starting to get the boys in their suits when FINALLY the phone rang, but I was worried it was the Sedation Unit who said they would call to check on Spencer. It was his doctor. She was glad to hear that he was totally himself after the procedure and never needed Tylenol, so tuff. Then she told us she had GOOD news and from that point on, I couldn't keep the smile, shocked and awkward as it was, off my face.

All of his blood tests were similar to how they have been. Numbers are lower but not dangerous. While there were still blasts in his blood and I BELIEVE in the bone marrow, and there was some type of abnormality the platelets maybe...there were no signs of Leukemia. He does NOT have Leukemia. I truly can't believe it. I expected the worst. Lots of people did because it seemed we were being prepared for it. But he's one of those rare occasions we were told about. I think somehow he made this happen. He can't be stopped!

He will have to be monitored as we do need to find out what this abnormality is. They've sent samples out for generic testing as maybe it's a generic condition. It also may be leftover blasts that showed up from his pre-Leukemic condition. At this point, we just don't know, but we'll find out. The important part is he is not in any danger. They've always commented on how healthy he is and looks and acts. He's STILL never had a fever. They feel so confident that we don't need to go back to the clinic until next Wednesday. And I don't mind going. They're just looking out for him.

Everyone under the SUN was looking out for him. If you're having a crisis, you want my family and friends. And my friends' friends and family. We had the best support we could ask for and it all came so naturally. You need support and people have open arms and hearts. It was overwhelmingly awesome. And I even got my liquor and baked goods I joked about: cotton candy flavored vodka and pumpkin scones! People are awesome!

And Sully is awesome. Since we got good news, we were able to focus on Sully and enjoy his Baptism. He was the star of the show, but he shared the spotlight with his brother. He looked so handsome in his suit and did great during the ceremony, even if he was uber-gassy, like his dad. He had an ass explosion earlier in the day that was epic. When we got to my mom's house, Spencer was a little overwhelmed but eventually came around. And I actually got to mingle and eat and enjoy my little boy's celebration. I am thrilled about that.

I'm thrilled that Spencer isn't sick, we don't have to move into the hospital, he won't need chemo, I won't be separated from Sully, my bonding time with him won't be interrupted, I won't have to drop out of school...I'm just thrilled, period. I guess sometimes when you do expect the worst but hope for the best, it actually works out! We hoped for the best and got THE BEST. And now I'm overflowing with good vibes! So if you need something, you call on me. I've got an unmeasurable amount of kindness to pay back. Maybe that will be my goal for 2013!

A new "Blog In Pictures" will be coming soon since I haven't posted many lately but here's a shot if Sullivan getting dolled up for his big church debut! I love you, Sully. You truly have made our family complete!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE GREAT NEWS! Prayers and PMA will continue....with love and admiration.....Phoebe's tat dad

  2. I did the HAPPY DANCE for like 15 minutes after Phoebe told me the great news! The BEST news! So happy for you all.
    Phoebe's Mum

  3. Seriously bawling tears of joy for you guys!!!