Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back In My Groove: Surviving My 1st Week Out Of The Bubble

Well, it's Thursday, the last day of my work week and I have survived being away from my favorite dudes! I will reward myself with a Peppermint Pattie from the giant bag of candy I brought to make myself feel better if I was feeling blue. The first day, I felt like I was doing something wrong being away from them and did have to use a few of my tissues. But after a few hours, I felt like I had never left this place and it was right back to business. And business has been busy which makes the day/week fly by. The play time and snuggle sessions we've had when I've gotten home have been SERIOUS after being separated from them for the day (yes, I've gone to bars, movies, etc, but I could ALWAYS leave and go home to them which isn't an option when you're at work). And they've been doing GREAT at the babysitter's. I'm so lucky to have such laid back goofballs for kids. This much I know.

And one of my goofballs is making some serious progress. This might not mean a lot to anyone but me and my family, but Spencer has been sitting up on his own for the last few days. Yes, he's been balancing himself with his hands but he's on his buns, legs out in front. It's been a loooooong time coming. This is something he should have done (yes, I know all babies are different), over 6 months ago but was difficult due to his low muscle tone. He army-crawled like a machine way before he tried to sit up. Every time I see him upright, you would think I won the lottery. Add that to the crawling and the clapping, his teeth coming in, giving himself a juice bottle (still working on the sippy cup but I was told that the cup is a very difficult skill to master), taking off his pants, and all the new things he's been doing, and the past month has really been amazing where his development is concerned.  So...go Spencer! We've so proud of you!

Money is pretty tight this week since I haven't had a paycheck for a hot second so it'll be a weekend of time at home, which I am more than OK with. I'm becoming a home body more and more but that's where my kids are and they are free entertainment. I will have to venture out into the world for Spencer's occupational therapy appointment Friday (PT/ST on Monday and back to the clinic Wednesday to sort out this Leukemia bullshit) but he's been doing so amazing where his fine motor is concerned that I think he'll get a rave review. But other than that, I see pajamas, movies, and kickin' it. And one of those movies MAY or MAY NOT be "This Is 40" which I MAY or MAY NOT have a copy of. Two of my spring classes start on Monday so I need to soak up as much chill time as possible. My brain hurts just thinking about it all.

I'm going to take a chance and say that life is good right now. Spencer's health situation isn't GREAT but until they put a name on it, I'm going to try not to play the "what if" game and go ahead and say that life is pretty good. Not so good is all the sneezing I've been doing this morning but if a runny nose is the worse thing I deal with, I'll consider today a success.

The question in my Q&A a DAY journal (you answer the same question every day for 5's like a time capsule of sorts) is "List Something That Inspired You Today". Feel free to think about that.

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