Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Round 3: The Mystery Of The Unclear ANC

Maybe I should make all my post titles sound like Nancy Drew novels. It gives them a little ZING. This will not really happen but it's fun to ponder at 6:45am in your uncomfortable hospital bed with your son's foot in your face.

Spencer's ANC is driving me bananas. As I've stated before, his ANC should bottom out leaving him without a defense against infections and such, and then it should climb back up. Some times that part, the recovery, can waver going up and down before hitting a steady increase. Once the ANC continues to trend upwards, we get the boot from this place. That's the story. That's how it's been the last 2 rounds.

This round is playing out differently and more confusingly. Today is Day 15 and he hasn't hit bottom yet. In fact, his ANC has been all over the map. 690, 800, 630, 400, 1180 (!!!), 800...not even close to the big zero. This is especially annoying to me because I can't gage when he'll go home. It's usually "hit zero, come up, go home". So now what? Are we going to be here for an eternity? We've never been here for longer than 23 days in a row.

Yesterday, the docs disagreed on if he was trending up or if he was dropping. I was told that if he stayed high, even if he's wavering, they'd have to bite the bullet and send us home. And his main doc came in and said he would've let us go home for recovery in the first place but was outvoted (which broke my heart) so he agreed...if things stay as they are, we should be able to bust out of here. The next few days are crucial to they decision.

Also crucial is how GREAT he's doing. No more ass explosions, no throwing up, eating and drinking so well that he doesn't get overnight fluids anymore, no fevers or shotty vitals, and his energy is as high as ever since they filled his blood tank. There's no reason for us to be here.  They said he's making them look silly by doing so well, like he's saying, "Hey, did you guys forget to give me my chemo??"

Another plus is that a lot of kids can fall behind with milestones and progress while living in the hospital. Well his therapists said he's done phenomenally and continued to power forward!! He's putting a lot of weight on his legs, mimicking and practicing repetition, has a lengthy attention span for his age, and both added ITSY BITSY and BABY to his vocab along with signing MORE and EAT. I'm a proud mom, for sure. He won't let anything stop him. I should take a lesson in that.

I received my spring semester grades and passed my classes (for nursing students you MUST get a C or higher...none of this D = diploma garbage). I'm very happy with my grades, a little proud that I managed to live in a hospital and make it through, and am thrilled to never have to take another math class EVER in my life! Summer semester starts in 2 weeks so in getting mentally prepared. I was already accepted to Cleveland State and am waiting to hear from my other schools. Still can't believe I'll be a nurse in 2015.

I also can't believe it's only Wednesday.

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