Monday, July 29, 2013

Released and Relieved: Together Again

A belated Happy 38th Birthday to my wife, Phoebe! I'm sad that I didn't get to spend it with you but I'm sure it was awesome! 38 looks amazing on you (before I noticed, it said "38 looks amazon on you")! Love your (misery) guts!

This should be relatively short and sweet. But I tend to say that and then go on a rampage.

As planned, we got to come home on Wednesday. Spencer had to get his blood tank filled so our check-out was delayed until late evening. Blood takes FOREVER, especially since they had to flush his lines for a few hours prior. Spencer had been confined to such a small area of such a small room that I almost cried when he was unhooked. And I definitely cried when I pushed him outside and he went berserk with happiness. Wind was blowing through his hair! He now has enough hair for wind to blow through!!

When we pulled up to the house, Todd and Sully were on the porch waiting for us and both boys went nuts when the saw each other. It melted my icy heart. The entire night, you could see how happy Spencer was to be home. And even since then, he's been doing really well. Full of energy, eating fairly, drinking well (which is the main concern), and no vomiting! Besides an extra nap or need for a snuggle, he's his normal self. Letting us recover at home was the right decision.

The plan as we approach the 6th and final round of chemo is blood tests close to home (today) and clinic visits on Wednesdays downtown. The usual. We'll be home for Spencer's 2nd birthday and have a little pool party planned just with our immediate families (big 1st birthdays and the rest of the years are laid back cake-n-ice cream). On his actual birthday we're thinking of going to Geneva-On-The-Lake for the day. This birthday means a lot to me. He's kicking cancer's ass before he even turns 2!

This is finals week at school so I'm decently stressed out. Taking an exam today in fact. But I just need to get through this week and then I can enjoy the summer free time with my boys without looming obligations and deadlines. And I'm reallllly looking forward to a mid-month visit from the bride-to-be, Lisa! We have a lot of wedding planning adventures to squeeze into one weekend but it can be done! We're bad ass! I'm definitely pushing my nervous breakdown off until after that visit! Maybe seeing her will be the remedy I need!

OK...time to put my nose back in the books. Wish me luck and enjoy your Monday!

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